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Esfanjerd catalogue

High productivity

Fast and powerful performance
Ability to move in narrow corridors, inclined roads and stairs
4 wheel drive
It is easy to steer when loaded as well as empty
Save time and labor

Tough and best quality structure

Designed to use in various application.(constructional, agricultural, industrial and animal husbandry)
Using powder coated painting in order to reduce rust and scratches
Using laser cut machining in order to cutting plates
Handling load, up to 250 Kg, 3 times more than a common wheelbarrow
Equipped to a powerful and reliable HONDA engine

Easy to maintenance & services

No requirement for transaxle service
Easy adjustment of belt without opening of below guard plate
Easy accessible to engine in order to periodically and daily services
Quick replacement of belt

Simple and safe performance


4forward speeds and 1 reverse
When the clutch lever is released the machine stops deadly
Balanced weigh distribution for easy tipping

Quick change of belongings 



Quick replacement of accessories

Cables: protected

Wight: 120 Kg
Max. Forward Speed: 6 Km/h
Max. Uphill gradient: 30 degrees

Engine: Gasoline, single cylinder, 4 Stroke HONDA GXV160

Engine Power: 5.5 Hp
Noise rating: less than 80 db
Brake: Disk on transaxle